About Us

PinchHost is part of Warner Digital Media Design LLC.

Warner Digital Media Design LLC

PinchHost specialises in shared web hosting, focusing all our efforts into personal users and small businesses. We're a relatively new, but ambitious company, edging our way into the market with realistic packages and a back to basics attitude. Each plan includes a 60 day money back guarantee and our customers aren’t locked into a contract or charged a setup fee even when paying on a monthly basis.

Our expert and friendly support are practiced in serving all customers regardless of experience.

PinchHost utilise a number of different contact methods, including telephone, email, support tickets, Skype and Twitter. PinchHost provide service to customers worldwide. When it comes to customer service, PinchHost doesn’t fall short of its larger competitors.

The extra mile and beyond
You'll be surprised at just how smart, knowledgeable and handsome we are. Got a bug in your PHP or need some advice on improving your SEO then contact us, we're always happy to help, unless we're in a bad mood. We truly go the extra mile.

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Hosting at PinchHost

PinchHost focuses on providing affordable web hosting. No setup fees or hidden costs, just realistic, honest web hosting plans. When you contact support, you'll only ever speak to experts.


Satisfaction Guaranteed

We're so sure you won't want to leave that we offer an unconditional 60-day money back guarantee. If you want to leave for any reason within 60 days, we won't quibble, you don't even have to give us an explanation. We're that sure you'll want to stay.