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WordPress 3.6 “Oscar” Released

August 7 2013

WordPress released another good size update to their CMS platform at the beginning of the month. There are some nice new options including bullet-proof autosave and post locking, a revamped revision browser, native support for audio and video embeds, and improved integrations with Spotify, Rdio, and SoundCloud. The new release also comes with a slightly more colorful theme to choose from. Head over to the WordPress site for more information.

I have made this update on several blogs over the past few days and everything seems stable and free of any major or obvious bugs so upgrade with ease.

As with most upgrades, security is a major concern. In addition to keeping your site up to date, also consider weekly backups of your database as well as using a security plugin like Better WP Security. There are a lot of good options out there but that is one I have had the best luck with.


Summer Promotion

July 31 2013

We have decided to try something new this summer for our marketing. Pinchhost has teamed up with Deal Courier in offering a special offer of 35% off all hosting plans. We have not made an offer this big before and it is only going to last 2 weeks, so if you have any plans to upgrade your hosting or start something new, take advantage of this offer now. The voucher is good until January of 2014 so you have plenty of time to use it but only a short time to purchase it.


This offer is goof for a one time use so if you need more than one hosting account, purchase them at the same time to save you more money.

March Promotion

March 4 2013

We don’t do too many promotions but decided it had been a while since we offered a hosting promotion. For all new hosting accounts, received 25% off your order of any hosting package using promotion code: MARCH2013

We didn’t forget our existing members this month. For those of you that already have a Pinchhost account, receive 20% off this months payment or renewal using promotion code: CURRENT2013

Thank you to all current customers and to all new coming customers, we look forward to working with you. We have some exciting new promotions coming up be sure to keep and eye out for new posts.

WordPress 3.5 “Elvin” update

December 11 2012

No, it’s not one of the chipmunks, it’s the new version of WordPress that was just released. Named after the great jazz drummer Elvin Jones, this new update rocks! WordPress has continued to clean up the dashboard area, installed and updated theme and made it iPad retina-ready. For a full list of updates and additional info, please visit the WordPress website.

As with any update, you will want to do a backup of your database, just to be on the safe side. Also be sure that the plug-in you are currently using are compatible with the upgrade.

What Godaddy Taught Us About Security

September 13 2012

After Mondays DDoS attack that affected an estimated 5 million customers, I think everyone learned that we are all vulnerable and need to take the necessary precautions to protect our sites. Just like if you were to own a brick-and-mortar shop, you would be sure to lock your doors, hide your cash and possibly invest in a security system.

So what are your options in an online world? Here are a few things you can do to keep your site safe. Read the rest of this article »

WordPress 3.4.2 Update

September 11 2012

On September 6, 2012, WordPress updated to version 3.4.2, making some maintenance and security updates. With this upgrade, you will not see any major changes and the update seems to be without any bugs so far. We have been running it for a few days now without issues. As with any update though, be sure to make a backup of your database before making the update. Read the rest of this article »

An Introduction

September 11 2012

As a 15 year veteran of web design and programming, I can appreciate a site built as well as PinchHost.com. Alex has not only set up an elegant site, with a great user interface, easy navigation and several years of great blog content, but I admire the little things as well. The PinchHost business plan is one that is relaxed and effective in a world of automated junk hosting companies. The PinchHost web servers are some of the fastest available and all for a monthly cost that is lower than most of the big boys in the game.

My years of design and programming at Finepoint Design has taught me to appreciate the beauty in simplicity and making something that is easy to use. Sites that are cluttered, hard to navigate, or just look like a 2 year old built it are almost a standard. I am a huge fan of WordPress because of its simplicity and clean interface. On the same token, I’m equally a big fan of Joomla! because of its simplicity in the programming and customization options. Both platforms offer a great community that should be around for a long time.

Read the rest of this article »

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